In all of our DUI cases we charge a flat fee for our services. Every DUI case has a different set of facts and circumstances; therefore our fees are different in every case. Our legal fees start at $2,000. The fees increase based upon the complexity of a case and the amount of preparation and trial time we estimate to be involved. We make every effort to make our services affordable for you. Major credit cards are accepted and payment plans are available. It is impossible for us to give a complete legal fee quote until we have an initial consultation with the client.

In our criminal system, whether you think you are guilty or not guilty, you are entitled to fight your charges. Some clients decide to fight their charge and want a jury trial. Other clients do not want to fight their charges, but they want our law firm to negotiate with the government for the best possible plea agreement. Many cases can be resolved without the need for a trial.

Preparation of a defense for the charge of Driving Under The Influence usually takes several months and sometimes more than a year. The actual jury trial usually takes two or three days. After we completely investigate and prepare your case for trial, we will then be able to make an informed recommendation as to whether or not we think you can win your case at trial. Some of the things involved in preparing for trial are the following:

 appearing at administrative license suspension hearings
 preparing any applicable motions to dismiss your case
 court appearances every 4-6 weeks with the client
 background investigations of the officers involved in the client’s arrest
 taking depositions of the police officers and any civilian witnesses
 locating and interviewing witnesses that may help your case
 consulting with DUI breath machine, urine or blood testing experts if necessary
 reviewing breath test machine maintenance documents
 consulting with an accident re-constructionist if property damage is involved
 reviewing a videotape of the clients field sobriety exercises
 preparing any applicable motions to suppress the government’s evidence
 pre-trial conferences with our client and any defense witnesses

We encourage you to consult with an attorney prior to making any decisions in your pending case. Make sure you know your rights. We are available 24 hours to provide you with a free consultation.


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