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Florida DUI Attorney and Criminal Lawyer

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As leading Florida DUI Attorneys and Criminal Lawyers we can help you. Steven Dell & Dennis Schaefer are former Broward County Criminal Prosecutors with 26 years of trial experience. Since 1976 our attorneys have handled thousands of dui and criminal cases across the state. With office locations throughout Florida, an experienced dui lawyer is available at anytime to discuss your case.

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Potential DUI Penalties

Jail Time or Probation
License Suspention
Fines & Court Cost
DUI Driving School
Mandatory Alcohol Treatment
Car Forfeiture or Immobilization
Community Service Hours
Car Insurance Cancellation

DUI legislation in Florida allows for penalties if found guilty of a fine of anything from $250 to $5000 and a 5 year jail term. On 3/22/02 the Florida Legislature unanimously passed House Bill 1057 greatly affecting DUI laws and on April 7, 2002 Governor Bush signed the Bill. The DUI Legal Center was created to provide you with some general information about the Florida DUI penalties, Current Florida DUI laws, frequently asked DUI questions, and other information you may find helpful. Please be advised that all of the content within the DUI Legal Center is provided strictly for informational purposes. We welcome you to contact us with any of your questions. Use the form below for a quick response...


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